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The Defender of Death-row Convicts

MOVIE 2012 97 mins Episode(s): 1 English English
Japan is a country that still retains the death penalty.
All suspects in crimes that strongly shook the nation - Shoko Asahara from the 1995 Aum Tokyo subway gas attacks, Masumi Hayashi from the “poisoned curry” murder case in Wakayama, an unnamed minor from the murder case of a mother and her child in the city of Hikari - have all been sentenced to death.

64-year-old Yoshihiro Yasuda is a lawyer who defends the ‘undefendable’: the death row convicts in court, while suffering slander from the Japanese public and media.

This documentary analyzes a number of death-row cases in Japan, and attitudes towards the accused and to the death penalty itself.


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