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Goodbye, Debussy

MOVIE 2013 130 mins Episode(s): 1 English Japanese
Based on the popular mystery novel by Shichiri Nakayama, Good-bye Debussy tells the story of cousins Haruka and Lucia, who are more like sisters.

After Lucia’s parents go missing while volunteering in Africa, she becomes a part of Haruka’s family. Haruka, an aspiring pianist, makes a promise to Lucia to one day play Claude Debussy’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’ for her. After Haruka sustains near-fatal injuries in a devastating fire in which Lucia and her grandfather perish, she’s determined to play the piano and keep her promise to Lucia.
Enter Yosuke Misaki, a professional pianist with a mysterious past, who helps teach Haruka through rehabilitation to be able to perform again one day. But after Haruka is informed of a large inheritance due to the fire, a series of suspicious accidents start to occur, leading Yosuke to believe Haruka might be in danger.
But the biggest mystery is yet to be solved…


    Bonds Born Through Football
    2012 30 mins

    Vegalta Sendai makes its home in Sendai, a city known for its greenery. In the sub-divisions of this club, there are 2 young coaches who coach children in hopes of cultivating them into professional football players. These 2 coaches are Coach Kazunori Inoue and Coach Naoto Fukuda of the Sendai...
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    Tales of Hokkaido Heritage
    2002 46 mins

    The “Hokkaido Heritage” designation is given to tangible cultural properties and intangible assets selected by Hokkaido citizens as heritages that should be passed on to succeeding generations. This program focuses on 13 heritages, filmed over the course of a year. Rather than giving the same focus to each heritage, we...
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    Honko sama - Appreciation of Harvest Nanto city, Toyama Pref.
    2016 25 minutes

    Honko is one of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism events which commemorate the virtue of its founder, the Monk Shinran. The event is called differently depending on the region: in Toyama it's called 'Honko sama'. It's a special event for household devotion. After the ceremony given by a local monk, special dishes...
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    Our Lives as Immigrants- Iiyama, Nagano Prefecture
    2019 30 mins

    An American and English couple have lived in Iiyama City for 3 years. They earn their living through teaching English at schools within the vicinity, but wish to become farmers instead. Their excitement expands as they map out their future lives growing safe and healthy vegetables and having a goat...
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