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There are moments of breathtaking beauty that can only be seen once in a lifetime. Providing footage from 47 Prefectures (over 200 locations) in Japan and filmed over a span of 8 years, this film captures such moments in 4K. With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics just around the corner, Japan has been attracting attention from all over the world. Our wish is that this movie will inspire "People to know more about Japan, and for them to fall further in love with it." The movie displays beautiful aerial views of the Kushiro Wetlands, Takeda Castle covered in a sea of clouds, Ruriko-in Temple dyed scarlet in autumn time, Himeji Castle surrounded by cherry blossom trees, Mount Fuji at its finest, ... more details

The Fall of Manchuria Began Here
2016 49 mins

For 70 years, three enormous Soviet Army bases remained "undiscovered" ...
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The Message of the Ice Island: From the Frontlines of Global Warming, Greenland
2013 47 mins

In recent years, the thick ice on the world‘s largest ...
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Spin to Win : Japanese manufacturers spinning their way to the top
2013 52 mins

Since the global financial crisis in fall of 2008, Japan ...
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