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Love Stories from Fukuoka
2020 50 min

Love Stories from Fukuoka is a yearly TV drama that is aired around St. Valentines Day. Viewers from Fukuoka city, the capital of Japan’s southern island of Kyushu, send in stories of their own experiences with love, loss, and longing. The program features many actors, celebrities, and athletes who all have ties to Fukuoka, including a few members of the popular Japanese girl group AKB48. The program has continued for a number of years and has became another romantic Valentine’s tradition.

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-->  Love Stories from Fukuoka is a yearly TV drama that is aired around St. Valentines Day. Viewers from Fukuoka city, the capital of Japan's southern island of Kyushu, send in stories of their own experiences with love, loss, and longing. The program features many actors, celebrities, and athletes who all have ties to Fukuoka, ...
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Best Local Production at the 2015 Tokyo Drama Awards. The "yutori" generation of Japan is said to be one of the laziest in society. Being raised in a pressure-free education system, they are often criticized for poor results and lack of drive in the workplace. Touma (Kensuke Owada), at age 27, struggles to keep a ...
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The Wind’s Song

Commended, TV Drama Category, ABU Prize, 2010. The Yagizawa family, made up of three generations, owns a hops farm in Furano, Hokkaido. But after appearing in a beer commercial for a new product, the young couple reveals they’ve been thinking of abandoning the farming business for good. Father and son constantly argue due to lifestyle ...
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2007 46 mins

Nominee, Television Film Category, 48th Monte-Carlo Television Festival, 2008. Highly recommended, Single Drama and Telemovie Category,13th Asian Television Award, 2008. "Sorapuchi" is a 46-minute drama depicting the inner conflict and growth of a boy fighting the after-effects of pediatric cancer. The setting is Hokkaido’s Takikawa City in summer. "Solar Kids’ Camp," aims to provide camps ...
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Ode to Joy: A Chorus for Life

Gold Winner, Entertainment Category, 11th World Media Festival, 2010. It is summer in the hilly port city of Ootaru. The singing of the Ootaru Ladies Chorus group comes through the dusk from a room of the Minami Ootaru Community Center. They are absorbed in rehearsals for their upcoming 20th anniversary concert to be held in ...
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2009 70 mins

Kosuke (Shigeru Izumiya) struggles to carry on a family tradition of lamprey eel fishing on the Ishikari River. Discouraged by dwindling catches, his constant quarreling with his wife leads her to leave him. After their divorce, his only son Tsuyoshi (Ken Yasuda) grows to detest his father and also abandons him and their rapidly declining ...
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Beyond the Hill
2011 50 mins

Akira, a high school senior, lives with his father who runs a potato farm. His mother left them six years ago after Reiko, his older sister, died. Unable to deal with his mother’s sudden return, Akira runs away from home. The next day, he meets a mysterious girl who turns out to be Reiko. She ...
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Finding Dad

Award of Excellence at the Media Arts Festival. Jiro, a chef, is engaged to Satoko, a kindergarten teacher. Jiro has not seen his father for 11 years, since his parents got a divorce. Jiro decides to send a wedding invitation to his father, but when his mother finds out, she is enraged and their family ...
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A Glimmer of Hope

Award of Excellence at the Media Arts Festival. With the traditional family challenged by growing society pressures in modern Japan, this drama depicts the conflict between a father and his children as each struggle to find their own way in life. The characters in the story come to discover the forgiving and supportive nature of ...
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Coming Home

Best Drama Award at The National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan. Yoko escaped her small port town in Japan where she was raised by her mother, to pursue her dream of becoming an actress in Tokyo. Finally about to make her big break, her mother’s sudden illness brings Yoko home for the first time ...
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Four Blossoms

Award of Excellence at the Media Arts Festival. Mizuki’s mother is a widow and raises her three daughters by herself on a flower farm. Following a quarrel with her mother, Mizuki leaves her family and hometown behind. Now working for an employment agency in Tokyo, she is discouraged by her life in the city and ...
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Light of My Life

Nominated as one of the Best 8 Dramas in Asia at the International Emmy Awards. Yuko, indecisive about her future, submits a blank report about her college plans. As punishment, she spends summer vacation helping her mother deliver meals to the elderly. She meets Gansan, a stubborn old man whom she dislikes at first, but ...
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Hot Spring Wars
2005 24 mins

Junpei, Fujiko and their daughter Yuri are a family struggling with rising debts.They lend money to a friend who then disappears, lose their camera business, and still have 500 thousand yen in outstanding loans to pay off. They turn to a friend in an attempt to get out of financial trouble, but end up losing ...
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2013 54 mins

Mami, a student at Kasumi Gakuen, a famous all-girls’ private school, fails to pass her physics test, and is then asked to be a cheerleader for the school’s tug-of-war team in exchange for her fail. Mami’s classmate Nozomi, who likewise fails the test, was also an impromptu cheerleader with Mami, but because her moves draw ...
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Travelogue of a Naked Artist / The Wandering Record of The Naked General
1980 50 mins

This drama series is based on the true story of artist Kiyoshi Yamashita. Sent to an institution for mentally handicapped children by his parents, he began creating artworks using torn strips of paper. After running away to avoid army conscription, he began his wanderings around Japan, encountering many scenes which he would recreate as torn ...
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The Phantom Wedding
1998 104 mins

This drama, set in the depths of rural Japan, is a pure love story. Iwabuchi is a former mafia man now working at a car rental shop, which offers services as casket coaches for funerals. He accepts a job to carry Sawa, the dead fiancé of a man called Uchida, to a very country area ...
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Six Single Sisters and Their Father (Seasons 1&2)
2006 24 mins

A situation comedy about a stubborn father, who owns a Japanese sweets store, and is forced to bring up his six daughters alone after his wife dies. They are all unmarried, and each day he prays they’ll find an ideal man for a husband. However, his eldest daughter is 39 and shows no sign she’s ...
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2012 156 mins

Shin-ichi operates a small noodle-making factory with his wife Hanako. Their divorced daughter Kotoe and granddaughter Sachi have both come back to live with them. Hanako notices something strange about Kotoe, and realizes she’s pregnant. Kotoe announces she’s getting married a second time. Shin-ichi is very angry at first, but eventually gives his blessing. Shin-ichi, ...
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Rogue Lawyer Shiro Tatsumi
1996 111 mins

Tatsumi is a retired public prosecutor in Tokyo, now working as a lawyer. After switching careers, he starts up ‘Tatsumi Legal Advice Office’. But the actual reason he quit his career as a prosecutor was due to an incident where he let his emotions get the better of him during a case, and he punched ...
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Over 30
2009 24 mins

Aiko is a 36-year-old housewife with a son and daughter. One day, she discovers that her husband is having an affair on his supposed business trips to Tokyo.  Shocked, but spurred to action, she moves to Tokyo with her children and confronts her husband and his mistress, Mika, at her home. Aiko finds an unlikely ...
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Ossu! Fundoshi Boys
2013 30 mins

At Saint Elmo’s High, there were once legendary performances given at the annual school festival, where participants danced while wearing white loincloths known as ‘fundoshi.’ But as time passes, the memory of those performances is fading. An impressionable freshman believes it’s his duty to revive the tradition, and so forms a new fundoshi troupe with ...
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New Kids War (Seasons 1&2)
2005 24 mins

Kaori Otsuki is a well-liked elementary school teacher with a big-sisterly disposition. She moves to a new school to replace a teacher who has been hospitalized with stress. On her first day teaching the 3rd form 5th grade class, she’s pelted with balls and called names by the students, but faces the abuse calmly. She ...
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