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The Gift of Pachamama

2009 Washington DC Independent Film Festival Grand Jury Award: Best Feature Film 2009 Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival Best Cinematography Award On Bolivia’s inland salt sea (the Salar de Uyuni), 13-year-old Kunturi and his family cut bricks of salt by hand, which they use to barter for goods. The Quechua people have lived and worked ...
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2018 111 minutes

There are moments of breathtaking beauty that can only be seen once in a lifetime. Providing footage from 47 Prefectures (over 200 locations) in Japan and filmed over eight years, this film captures such moments in 4K. The hope is that this movie will inspire "people to know more about Japan and to fall further ...
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Best Local Production at the 2015 Tokyo Drama Awards. The "yutori" generation of Japan is said to be one of the laziest in society. Being raised in a pressure-free education system, the "yutori" are often criticized for poor results and lack of drive in the workplace. Touma (Kensuke Owada), at age 27, struggles to keep ...
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Three Moons
2015 71 mins

A sequel to "The Pierrot Prays to the Moon", which won the "Gold Medal Prize" at the Chicago International Film Festival Television Awards. A beautiful village in the mountains. Mayu is a wife, a mother, and a daughter-in-law. While taking care of her husband and son, she is faced with despair every day as she ...
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The Pierrot Prays to the Moon

Gold Medal Prize at Chicago International Film Festival Television Awards. Shizuru Tamai (Takako Tokiwa) lives in a small mountain town in rural Japan with her mother and grandmother. Her grandmother is partially unable to move, and Shizuru has to care for her with her mother, who tries to keep Shizuru shackled at every opportunity. Shizuru’s ...
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Boat to the Moon

US International Film & Video Festival 2015 - First Place Gold Camera Award At a small station in a very small town somewhere in Japan, a woman with eyes as beautiful as the sky, sits at a bench. A man comes to the same station to get a train back to the city, and here ...
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Journey of the Gods: The rebuilding of Ise Jingu Shrine
2014 95 mins

The Shikinen Sengu ceremony takes place every 20 years at Ise Grand Shrine, where all the shrines within its precincts are reconstructed and the gods are transferred to the new houses. This documentary entails 70 year old top actress Kirin Kiki on her first pilgrimage to Ise, and her meeting with Hirohiko Okano, a poet ...
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Venetia’s Garden
2013 98 mins

Venetia Stanley-Smith is an English woman who lives in a 100-year-old farmhouse in the village of Ohara, Kyoto. Her eco-friendly lifestyle is a harmonious blend of English tradition and the Japanese seasons. Thanks to her appearance on the TV program At Home with Venetia in Kyoto, Venetia’s hand-crafted lifestyle that she shares with her Ohara ...
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The Heisei Dilemma
2010 98 mins

In the 1980's, juvenile delinquents and truants were becoming big social problems. Totsuka Yacht School was reeducating those children, with severe training which included physical punishment. However, after the deaths and disappearance of a few trainees, Hiroshi Totsuka, the principal of the school who was once hailed a "hero of the era" was suddenly being ...
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The Defender of Death-row Convicts
2012 97 mins

Japan is a country that still retains the death penalty. All suspects in crimes that strongly shook the nation - Shoko Asahara from the 1995 Aum Tokyo subway gas attacks, Masumi Hayashi from the “poisoned curry” murder case in Wakayama, an unnamed minor from the murder case of a mother and her child in the ...
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2012 120 mins

Masaru Okunishi is a prisoner who has been on death-row for over 40 years. In 1961, 5 women died from drinking poisoned wine in a small village gathering in Nabari City in Mie Prefecture. After his arrest, he appealed his innocence on the grounds that the police coerced his confession. He was found not guilty ...
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Goodbye, Debussy
2013 244 mins

Based on the popular mystery novel by Shichiri Nakayama, Good-bye Debussy tells the story of cousins Haruka and Lucia, who are more like sisters. After Lucia’s parents go missing while volunteering in Africa, she becomes a part of Haruka’s family. Haruka, an aspiring pianist, makes a promise to Lucia to one day play Claude Debussy’s ...
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