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  • Rikuzentakata City: 10 Years in the Rebuilding of a Town from Zero

    DOCUMENTARY 2021 49 mins Episode(s): 1 english English
    The city of Rikuzentakata in Iwate Prefecture had a two kilometer stretch of shoreline covered with 70,000 pine trees that was ranked among the top 100 landscapes of Japan. On March 11, 2011, the city and shoreline were obliterated by the infamous tsunami which struck that day. This documentary follows the people of Rikuzentakata for 10 years from immediately after the earthquake, and it also highlights the 1.66 billion yen reconstruction project to rebuild the city from scratch 10 meters higher on the original disaster site. more details
    • 120 Seconds of Science

      ENTERTAINMENT 2020 2 min Episode(s): 25 english English
      62nd Science and Technology Film/Video Festival - Education/Liberal Arts Excellence Award Tsukuba Science Expo Memorial Foundation Chairman's Award Looking at the world around us through the eyes of science, there are many questions of "why?" lurking all around us. Those questions can lead to discoveries and surprises! The question "why?" has the power to change the world that we take for granted and lead to a more enjoyable future. In this program, numerous questions of "why?" are delivered through 120-second videos with experiments that are packed with the fun of science! more details
      • Chimugurisa ~Nanohana's Okinawa Diary ~

        DOCUMENTARY 2018 106 mins Episode(s): 1 japanese Japanese
        Grand Prize at The Age of Regionalism Video Festival 2018 News program award winner at The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association 2018 Nanohana Sakamoto, a 15-year-old girl born and raised in northern Japan, came to the island of Okinawa to attend a free school, Sangosya Score. Through her interactions with elderly residents in the night course, who could not attend school during a war that ended more than 70 years ago, she learns firsthand that the war continues in Okinawa. Incidents and accidents stemming from US military bases on the island occur one after another in contrast to the peaceful atmosphere within the school. She continues to write about her days there in her hometown newspaper column, "Nanohana's Okinawa Diary" (Hokuriku Chunichi Shimbun). The diary, which began with the question “Ojii, why are you so cheerful?” is a travelogue of Nanohana's journey as she ponders what she is capable of doing while cherishing what she feels and sees with her own eyes. Discover the true face of Okinawa as seen by a young girl. more details
        • A New Normal, A New Way ~What happens when a theatrical team tries to revive a hot springs inn?~

          DOCUMENTARY 2020 24 mins Episode(s): 1 english Japanese
          A president of an IT company has purchased a Japanese hot springs inn that went bankrupt in January 2020. Unfortunately, its reopening has been postponed because of the covid-19 pandemic. In addition, the new owner has also struggled to conceptualize a key feature to promote the inn. Eventually, he recruits the creative talents of the theater world, who are jobless as a result of covid-19 measures, to develop and construct an elaborate theme at the inn to attract guests. Will this unique collaboration succeed in the “new normal” within budget clashes, unforeseen damages to the real estate assets, and the struggles of bringing unconventional design ideas to the hospitality industry? This program highlights how one group of people whose lives have been transformed by completely new circumstances come together to venture into greater possibilities. more details
          • At the Top of the Sky ~The Yarigatake Hut's 100 Years Story ~

            DOCUMENTARY 2019 104 min Episode(s): 1 none: None Spanish
            In April 2017, Daisuke - the 4th generation successor to the “Yarigatake Sanso” mountain hut located on one of the most renown mountains of the Japanese Alps, made the decision to quit his job at a major mobile phone company to become the successor. From an early age, he had been brought to Yarigatake by his father, and had always harbored dreams to one day work there. When He started training to become the successor in April, the mountain was still full of snow. Daisuke was surprised by how unexpectedly difficult the work was. However, his newly-married wife, Shoko, who waited for him in Matsumoto City at the foot of the Japanese Alp, said that the Daisuke she saw featured in the mountain blogs and photos had a lively smile that could not have be seen in his previous workplace. While struggling to master the unfamiliar work, Daisuke began to wish he could share the sights that could only be seen at Takayama to a wider audience. From the opening of the hut to its closing in November, we closely follow what happened during a single hiking season at Yarigatake Sanso. We take a look at the legacy that has been passed on for 100 years by the 4 generations of men living in close companionship with Yarigatake. Additionally, throughout this program, we will introduce the harsh yet breathtaking nature that entranced the four men. more details
            • TASTE JAPAN

              TRAVEL 2019 30 mins Episode(s): 3 japanese Japanese
              Figaro, a popular Taiwanese actor, visits Aomori Prefecture and encounters the many delicious food products the Prefecture has to offer. On the way, he will draw inspiration from the local cuisine he tastes to create an original recipe of his own. Throughout his trip, Figaro additionally finds himself continually touched by the heartfelt diligence of the local farmers and food producers who wish for many people to enjoy eating their "safe and delicious food products". With his knowledge of Chinese food and his new-found love and respect for the products of Aomori, what kind of exciting cross-cultural dish will he be able to make? more details
              • ASEAN DREAM PROJECT 2019

                DOCUMENTARY 2019 55 mins english Japanese
                Thailand and Malaysia, two countries which have never participated in the Soccer World Cup, are showing their newfound excitement. It has been predicted that the number of Asian players in the Soccer World Cup will increase from 4.5 to 8.5 in the future. In order to find and nurture the next generation of talented Asian powerhouses, Cerezo Osaka Football Club and a Japanese broadcasting company team up to start the "Asean Dream Project". The team journeyed to Malaysia, Thailand, and Myanmar in search for promising and talented soccer players under the age of 15, and invited them to Japan for special joint practices and training. This program follows these young boys during the blazing hot summer in pursuit of their soccer dreams through the "Asean Dream Project". more details
                • PEACE NIPPON

                  MOVIE 2018 111 minutes Episode(s): 1 none: None English
                  There are moments of breathtaking beauty that can only be seen once in a lifetime. Providing footage from 47 Prefectures (over 200 locations) in Japan and filmed over a span of 8 years, this film captures such moments in 4K. With the 2020 Tokyo Olympics just around the corner, Japan has been attracting attention from all over the world. Our wish is that this movie will inspire "People to know more about Japan, and for them to fall further in love with it." The movie displays beautiful aerial views of the Kushiro Wetlands, Takeda Castle covered in a sea of clouds, Ruriko-in Temple dyed scarlet in autumn time, Himeji Castle surrounded by cherry blossom trees, Mount Fuji at its finest, as well as precious footage of the Road of Laputa before it was destroyed in the Kumamoto earthquakes. It is a movie that contains wonderful views that we -people living in a time of drastic climate change and natural disasters- will like to preserve and pass down to future generations. more details
                  • Trap Master Kunio Katagiri and His Secrets to the Finest Gibier

                    DOCUMENTARY 2018 48 minutes Episode(s): 1 english English
                    Kunio Katagiri is a master trapper and legendary owner-chef of a gibier (wild game) restaurant for 45 years. Katagiri, who hunts all of his game meats by himself, never uses a gun. Instead, he uses homemade traps of his own design to capture wild deer and wild boar alive, risking severe injury to wrestle down large beasts with his bare hands. Once an animal is captured, master trapper turns master chef. From trap to table, Katagiri does every step himself. He beleives that enjoying every part of the animal deliciously is the best way to show appreciation to the animal for relinquishing its life. His simple menu of wild game sashimi, roasts, and hotpots is acclaimed as among the finest of its genre. This program takes viewers inside Katagiri's repect for nature, his brilliant hunting techniques and the secrets to his cuisine that attracts customers from around the world. more details
                    • Manga Food Restaurant "dying to eat"

                      ENTERTAINMENT 2018 55 min Episode(s): 5 english Japanese
                      This series follows two fictional characters, Kenjiro Tabe, an office worker with a passion for food in manga, and Chinatsu Yamamoto, his subordinate. Together, the pair visit real-life restaurants to challenge chefs to reacreate various meals that are featured in legendary gourmet mangas. From a 20 cm x 20 cm steak, to a fried croquette with three different Japanese dishes packed inside, the food featured in this program are all ridiculously creative, ridiculously delicious, and ridiculously fun to look at! more details
                      • Beauty of Japan Series- Season 2

                        TRAVEL 2018 30 mins Episode(s): 12 none: None Japanese
                        There are 2.5 million people from all over the world currently living in Japan. How did they end up there? What drew them to come to Japan in the first place? Or more importantly, what made them want to stay? In this series, we take a look at various non-Japanese residents living in different prefectures all around Japan. We present what each individual considers to be the true "Beauty of Japan", and how such aspects of beauty have convinced them to choose Japan as their second home. With detailed and vivid images filmed in 4K, this program depicts the importance of communal bonds that transcend time and even national borders. Episode List Part 1 (2018):  Japanese sweets (Wagashi)- Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture The life in Kita-Shinano- Suzuka, Nagano Prefecture Shakuhachi Flute and Texas -Okayama Prefecture Tokoname Pottery, hopping to re-establish a long lost relationship- Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture Oshima and Jacques the Baker -Niihama, Ehime Prefecture The City where German Pottery Lives- Miyazaki Prefecture Ogaki Festival seen through the viewfinder of Irene -Ogaki, Gifu Prefecture Angel, Living in a Loyal Dog`s Home -Odate, Akita Prefecture Professor in a Spiritual City -Ise City, Mie Prefecture A French man striving to enrich a village with forestry -Totsugawa, Nara Prefecture Spellbinding Yotaka Festival -Tonami City, Toyama Prefecture A young girl Wisteria dance- Arakawa ward, Tokyo Part 2 (2018-2019) The Iki Sea that Enchanted a Hawaiian Man- Iki, Nagasaki Prefecture The Reason I Work Here- Shinagawa, Tokyo Yoga in Nature ~The Ultimate Healing Experience~- Hachinohe, Aomori Prefecture Wonderful Dreams in a Monochrome World- Toyama Prefecture Our Lives as Immigrants- Iiyama, Nagano Prefecture Rice Pasta that Makes the World Smile- Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture Charmed by the Kindness of the Community- Izumo, Shimane Prefecture Enchanted by the San'in- Daisen, Tottori Prefecture The Eyes that Survey an Ever-Changing City- Shibuya, Tokyo Rene's Swimming Gems: The Nishiki Koi- Nagaoka, Niigata The Real Last Samurai: Katori Shinto-ryu- Narita, Chiba Prefecture The Second Bridge of Shinminato Uchikawa- Imizu, Toyama Prefecture more details
                        • GOOD JOB IN JAPAN

                          ENTERTAINMENT 2018 28 mins Episode(s): 4 none: None Japanese
                          This program explores the different jobs in Japan through the eyes of a young woman from Hong Kong. Every episode displays her encountering a new job, and learning its ins and outs through experiencing it with a different member of a Japanese boy idol group called "Boys and Men". Despite being the hosts of the show, they are not allowed to use a translator to communicate with one another. This adds another interesting and comical dimension to the show.The program is light-hearted, and will appeal to a vast range of people. It is both informative and entertaining! more details
                          • Festivals of Japan Series- Season 2

                            TRAVEL 2018 30 mins Episode(s): 12 english Japanese
                            This is the second season of the Festivals of Japan Series, which introduces various festivals around Japan. In this  season, we will explore the festivals themselves, their histories, and the people responsible for preserving, cherishing, and passing on their traditions. From ancient processions, giant paper floats, fire festivals, and even fighting festivals, this program will surely help viewers see the importance of bonding within a community, and upholding local traditions. Episode List:  Mikoji -Jisa, Anesa, and a 19-year-old Spring- Kintaikyo Bridge Festival -A Step Back in Time- Takaoka Mikuruma-yama Festival -Turning the Wheels of Tradition-   Kiraigo -800 Years of Performing Hell Theater-  Nebuta Festival -Nebuta Master Creator`s 365 days-  Jizo-bon Festival -Choraku Temple of the Valley- Yoshida Fire Festival -Japan`s 3 Major Unusual Festivals- The 40th Otsuna Festival -Invigorating a Community- Omanto Festival -Land on This Horse-  Nagasaki Kunchi -A Ride on the Nanbasen- Nada Fighting Festival Toriou Festival -Fierce and Fiery Festival Fight- Please click here for more information on "Festivals of Japan- Season 1" more details
                            • Festivals of Japan Series- Season 1

                              TRAVEL 2017 30 mins Episode(s): 12 english Japanese
                              This is the first season of the Festivals of Japan Series, which introduces various festivals around Japan. In this 12 episode season, we will explore the festivals themselves, their histories, and the people responsible for preserving, cherishing, and passing on their traditions. From giant sea bream floats, children`s kabuki, portable shrines, and wonderful cherry blossoms, this series will remind viewers of the importance of valuing local traditions and cultures. Episode List Daidai Kagura -The Ritual Dance of Iki, the Island of the Gods- Hachinohe Enburi -The Festival to Beckon Spring- The Namahage Sedo Festival -Oga Peninsula-   Hitachi Furyumono -Masterful Art of the Common People- The Mooka Steam Locomotive, Cherry Blossom, and Rape Blossom Highway Handa Floats Festival The Thousand Cherry Blossom Trees of Eboshiyama Park Hikiyama Children`s Kabuki -Cultured Entertainment for Common Folk- Daisen Miyuki -Ancient Dynasty Picture Scroll-  Ofune Festival -Parishioners Who Support the Festivals- Toyohama Sea Bream Festival -Japan`s Bizarre Festival- Onyudo -Japan`s Largest Mechanical Doll-  Please click here for more information on "Festivals of Japan- Season 2"! more details
                              • Patagonia

                                DOCUMENTARY 2015 55 mins Episode(s): 1 none: None Japanese
                                The sea is waiting to attack us. In the human working world, greenhouse gases emissions are increasing the average global temperature, causing the sea level to rise, thus threatening the land. When it comes to our future and global warming, time is running out. The most vulnerable to global warming, are “glaciers”. Last year, a crew from Hokkaido Television Broadcasting travelled along with the Institute of Low Temperature Science Hokkaido University and Sugiyama Lab on their research on Greenland glaciers. This time, for their second area of research, footage was taken at the Southern Patagonia, a large glacier in Argentina, South America. It is there that they learn how severe things are. *English version currently in the making process. Also available in 4K. more details
                                • Valens's Return Home - A Rwandan Genocide Offender, 22 Years On

                                  DOCUMENTARY 2017 49min Episode(s): 1 english Other
                                  In 1994, the conflict between the Tutsi and Hutu lead to the Rwandan genocide where more than 800,000 people were killed. Now in Rwanda, a country with no capital punishment, offenders that were involved in the genocide have been released one after another after their sentences. Can they coexist with society? Their number has reached to about 340,000 people. Many offenders live in close proximity to the surviving victims. This program closely follows the homecoming of an offender. Valens Habakurama was charged with the killings of 2 Tutsi brothers. After completing his sentence, he returns home to his wife and children. This documentary follows his first 7 days after being released, from his first meetings with the victims' family, to his apology and reconciliation. We want to provide a complete picture of this event. more details
                                  • Tracking the Snipe God -Two Stories of the Latham`s Snipe-

                                    DOCUMENTARY 2017 55 mins Episode(s): 1 english English
                                    “Ojishigi” is a small bird that travels between Hokkaido and Australia. Through many years of study, it was discovered that they mate in Hokkaido during summer in the northern hemisphere and travel all the way to Australia to spend the summer in the southern hemisphere. But their migratory route remained a mystery. With the development of smaller transmitters, researchers now are able to trace the migration of smaller animals such as ducks and raptors. In the summer of 2016, Australian zoologists attempted to track the Ojishigi more precisely as well. How do they travel from Japan to Australia, 10,000 kilometers away? Everything discovered in this research was groundbreaking. The program follows this surprising phenomenon and how nature goes beyond borders, showing how important is to preserve it with international cooperation. What we see in the Ainu legends through modern science is the importance of life, the importance of clear water and the power of nature around us. more details
                                    • Ubasute

                                      MOVIE 2017 70 mins Episode(s): 1 none: None English
                                      Best Local Production at the 2015 Tokyo Drama Awards. The "yutori" generation of Japan is accused of being one of the laziest in society. Being raised in a pressure-free education system, the "yutori" are often criticized for poor results and lack of drive in the workplace. Touma (Kensuke Owada), at age 27, struggles to keep a job, sleeps at an internet cafe, and complains about his every day with online friends. They blame society, and Touma, full of pride yet lost without a purpose, is about to drop out of it. Frustrated with the elder generations telling him what to do, he wishes all old people were sent away, like the folklore "UBASUTE" where they are abandoned on a mountain. He finds an intriguing blog on the topic, and messages the blogger, a positive woman claiming to be his age. Little does he know, his new friend is actually a 72 year-old woman. Touma slowly learns how to face himself and improve his lifestyle thanks to their online conversations, and they finally get a chance to meet... This film faces many issues of modern society around the world today, such as unemployment, an aging population, and changes in people's relationships due to the expansion of social media. more details
                                      • Famous Mountains of Japan

                                        TRAVEL 2016 30 mins Episode(s): 60+ (ongoing) japanese Japanese
                                        Most recently seen in the "yama-girl", or "mountain girl" boom in Japan, the popularity of hiking seems to be on the rise, capturing the hearts of older generations as well as younger generations. In the midst of this new wave of interest, there is a shift in the understanding of the term "hiking". Instead of simply aiming for the peak, Japanese hikers are now developing a new enjoyment for every moment they spend journeying through the mountains, facing the glories of nature. In this program, viewers will journey through various mountains in Japan, experiencing all that they have to offer. Led by expert guides, it will allow them to feel like they are  on an actual hike. With an abundance of alpine plants and wild creatures, this program will also provide dynamic bird`s-eye views of the mountains. more details
                                        • BRAVE Mr. Tornado -Meteorology's Savior of Aviation-

                                          DOCUMENTARY 2016 49min Episode(s): 1 none: None English
                                          "Brave" documents the lives of people who had the courage to change the world. Japanese meteorologist Tetsuya "Ted" Fujita a.k.a. "Mr. Tornado," was instrumental in greatly reducing airplane disasters throughout the world. During the 1970s, aircraft were crashing down from the skies at an alarming rate. Fujita attributed the crashes to a phenomenon he called "downburst" based on what he had seen while studying damage caused by the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki. His theory, however, created a decade of heated controversy among his peers, some of whom called his conclusions "groundless." Who was this man who came to the United States from Japan soon after the war? "Brave" explores his life between two countries through the eyes of those who knew him best. more details
                                          • The Fall of Manchuria Began Here

                                            DOCUMENTARY 2016 49 mins Episode(s): 1 english English
                                            For 70 years, three enormous Soviet Army bases remained "undiscovered" on the plains of Mongolia. The discovery of these bases support Stalin's intent to invade Japan and completely overturn previously believed Japanese Army conceptions of the Soviets' logistical capabilities. The bases were large enough to fit the entirety of modern-day Tokyo's city loop train line within their boundaries. Why and how did the Soviets build these enormous bases and what role did they play in the Soviet-Japanese War? That mystery still remains. Our investigation found that several Soviet soldiers who had been stationed at these bases during the Soviet-Japanese War were still alive and living in today's Transbaikal region and other areas. Their statements revealed that Soviet Army personnel stationed at these bases played a major role in the capture and transport of Emperor Puyi of Manchukuo. The significance of these enormous secret bases is brought out in relief as Stalin's hidden ambitions are revealed. more details
                                            • Yukuza and Constitution

                                              DOCUMENTARY 2016 96 mins Episode(s): 1 english English
                                              Since the enactment of the Anti-Boryokudan Act and Yakuza exclusion ordinances, the number of Yakuza members has reduced to less than 60,000. In the past 3 years, about 20,000 members have left Yakuza organizations. However, the numbers alone does not explain the reality. What are they thinking? How are they living now? Our camera follows “Azuma-gumi Ⅱ, Seiyu-kaiⅡ”, a designated Boryokudan in Osaka. The murder case where the boss was sentenced to 15 years in prison is said to have triggered the enactment of the Anti-Boryokudan Act. The boss started by saying “Human rights of Yakuza and their families are being increasingly abused”. Yakuza and Constitution…. Let us take a close look into the lives of the Yakuza today. more details
                                              • Dad's War

                                                DOCUMENTARY 2016 47min Episode(s): 1 english English
                                                “Warship-Musashi” is a nonfiction novel that was written based on many testimonies from those involved in the construction as well as those who survived the sinking Musashi. One of the witnesses is Haruo Nomura. He is my dad. We knew very little about him. Born in 1921, he graduated from the Naval Academy and boarded the battleship Musashi. But he passed away 6 years ago without ever telling the family about the details of the war. Through the book titled “Warship-Musashi”, we eventually learned about his life and how he survived. Moreover, we also discovered that over 25 hours of his testimonies had been voice recorded. Why did he pass away without telling us anything? There lies the sunken steel castle “Musashi”, which people believed to be the cornerstone of national defense though it actually became the final parting place of many comrades linked by tight bonds. *The book and film produced by Masami Tezuka is called “Warship Musashi” but other references to the same ship is called “Battleship Musashi” more details
                                                • Melting Switzerland ~Saving the Swiss Glaciers~

                                                  DOCUMENTARY 2016 49 mins Episode(s): 1 english English
                                                  The program is themed on “Glaciers × Science × Adventure.” We follow the latest research on global warming, as well as technologies utilizing “light” that have the potential of opening up the future of the planet. Switzerland attracts a lot of tourists every year, with its economy largely tourism-dependent. However, the situation is on the verge of change as the glaciers, one of the country’s symbols, are melting due to global warming with a speed that’s beyond our imagination. Matterhorn towers over the sea of clouds, with a seemingly endless and superb view of the Alps... Through this program, we’ll explore the magnificent landscapes of the country using 4K video and aerial drones, whilst revealing a key to head off global warming using the latest science and technologies. Let us think of how we can shape the future of our planet together... more details
                                                  • Wakako-Zake

                                                    ENTERTAINMENT 2015 30 min Episode(s): 12 english Japanese
                                                    As usual she drinks alone in a bar tonight! Murasaki Wakako is 26 year-old office worker. She has a boyfriend, Hiroki, but she likes to drink alone. Because she is a real drinker, she wanders around looking for delicious foods and drinks... Whenever such foods integrate well into such drinks, she breathes a sigh “Psssh” to express her happiest moment. Based on the original comic written by Shinkyu Chie. Being published in serialized monthly comic, Comic-zenon, from North Stars Pictures. Big hit manga sold 500,000 copies/ 3 volumes total! more details
                                                    • Amami - The Forest and The Sea

                                                      DOCUMENTARY 2016 28 mins Episode(s): 1 english Japanese
                                                      Amami Oshima Island is situated south of the main Kagoshima Prefecture area. It's in the middle of the Amami Island chain (eight island chain). The sea surrounding the island has clear, deep-blue waters. The brightly-colored coral reefs and tropical fish make for a fantastic diving site. The northern part of the island is a popular resort area dotted with white sandy beaches and more beautiful coral shores. Amami Island chain has habitats for precious endemic species and other endangered species considered important on a world-wide scale. This is why these locations have been chosen as a candidate to become a World Heritage Site. On our program "Amami". we are showing the abundant nature of the island and documenting the life of the people living there. more details
                                                      • Happiest Meal on the Mountains

                                                        DOCUMENTARY 2016 30 mins Episode(s): 1 japanese Japanese
                                                        This program takes a look at the famous anti-aging village in Nagano Prefecture, called Takayama. With it`s rich scenery and the villagers` methods of coexisting with nature, it has been recognized as one of the Biosphere Reserves (Eco Park) by UNESCO. This documentary follows the ordinary lives of its residents, and reveals the secrets behind what it means to be "living richly". Through viewing this program, viewers will rediscover valuable lessons that the advanced modern age has almost forgotten. more details
                                                        • Unmentionable Heroes
                                                          -40 Years After the Vietnam War, the Truth is Revealed-

                                                          DOCUMENTARY 2015 47 mins Episode(s): 1 english English
                                                          It’s been 40 years since the end of the Vietnam War, which was said to be the worse case of the quagmire of a war in the 20th century. Now, surprising facts are revealed. The footage of a tank crashing into the office of South Vietnam President was delivered all over the world to symbolize the end of the war in 1975. However, it turned out that the footage was actually a re-enactment. Moreover, an espionage sent by the North Vietnam was working behind the scene when the world’s most powerful country, America, was forced to withdraw. Persons who were involved speak out for the first time. This program tells the reality caused by the war and the truth of the propaganda war. more details
                                                          • Behind "The Cove"

                                                            DOCUMENTARY 2015 52 min & 105 min Episode(s): 1 english English
                                                            In 2010, THE COVE, a documentary about dolphin hunting in Taiji, Japan, won an Academy Award. The movie certainly brought attention to the whaling issue as a whole. But was the documentary entirely truthful? Did it portray both sides of the story correctly? Or was it a well-crafted story using sensationalised techniques - including hidden cameras - to tell a one-sided portrayal of the problem? More importantly, why has there not been a film from Japan responding to THE COVE? Well, now there is. "Behind THE COVE" is director Keiko Yagi's attempt to present a comprehensive picture of the dolphin and whale hunting issues in Japan, which includes interviews of people on both sides of the whaling dispute, its sinister political side, what THE COVE could not offer, and a unique take on the topic. Gradually, she discovers the larger mystifying aspects lying behind the international political whaling debate, which has never been clarified to the public. Something much larger than THE COVE. more details
                                                            • Daring Attempt of Oystermen to Overcome Earthquake Adversity

                                                              DOCUMENTARY 2014 24mins Episode(s): 1 English English
                                                              The oystermen on the Sanriku Coast of Japan suffered great losses in the tsunami wrought by the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake. A good 90% of the oyster cultivation facilities in Miyagi Prefecture, nearly 12,000 of them, were lost. This programme tells of men who are attempting to bounce back from this adversity through a new venture. The Sanriku oyster industry has been plagued by problems such as an aging population and a lack of successors. In order to create a life better than that they led before the disaster, they must produce and market greater numbers of oysters in their shell. To that end, they decided to adopt cultivation methods used by oystermen in France, one of the world’s leading oyster producing nations. There was much to learn at the start. Will these men succeed? more details
                                                              • Just an Ordinary Family:
                                                                22 years of a married couple with disabilities

                                                                DOCUMENTARY 2014 49 mins Episode(s): 1 English English
                                                                ABU Prizes 2015 TV Winner for Documentary Coverage that follows a severely disabled married couple from their marriage, giving birth, and raising their children, for 22 years. Both Mr. and Mrs. Akimoto have cerebral palsy. They got married in 1992 as they sought independence from their parents. Before long, the couple had two children. Child rearing by severely disabled people is almost unheard of in Japan. This couple struggles and overcomes many obstacles whilst raising their children. 20 years have passed since the couple first became parents. The oldest son, now an adult, said to us, “we are just an ordinary family.” more details
                                                                • Cherkaoui: Saving The World with Dance / The 41-Day Struggle

                                                                  DOCUMENTARY 57 mins Episode(s): 1 English English
                                                                  Choreographer and dancer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui is making an impact in the world of theater and dance with his original and innovative choreography and stage direction, becoming an artist whose talent is probably most coveted today. Cherkaoui will take on the challenge of an original stage production which he will be choreographing, and dancing himself for the first time in five years. Our cameras will follow Cherkaoui from the first day of rehearsals in his hometown Antwerp, Belgium in 2015, up to the first day of performance. In addition, through interviews with his mother and Cherkaoui himself in his childhood neighborhood, we delve deep into the roots of his painful conflicts he faces. How is Cherkaoui going to save the world on his own with his dance? This documentary will get up close with the stage production the dancer/choreographer will take on with all his might as an artist, and find out what the hidden source of his driving force is. more details
                                                                  • Finding 1984

                                                                    DOCUMENTARY 2014 50 mins Episode(s): 1 English English
                                                                    "Nineteen Eighty-Four" is a masterpiece among science fiction novels that keeps influencing the world, including Haruki Murakami and Michael Moore, and significantly influences films, music, literature fine arts, and more. In 2014, 30 years after 1984, this documentary explores the subject matter as it relates to today's world and how proliferating technologies escalate the 'monitoring of society'. This documentary pursues the current situation in which the "invisible" surveillance society with information technology emerges (not depicted by Orwell) by interviewing top creators and journalists from around the world including Ryuichi Sakamoto and Mamoru Oshii, who are leading Japanese "artists", and Michael Radford, who is known as the director of the movie Ninteen Eighty-Four. "Finding 1984" sheds light on the true nature of the present society 30 years after 1984 - the year set in that novel - and then foresees the future society. In the present time, 30 years after the period set in the novel, the IT-based surveillance (not depicted by Orwell) is steadily progressing. For example, the history of internet use is analyzed without notice. Radford interviews people about the fear of such "invisible" monitoring. He attempts to have dialogue with related people in the IT media field who startled the international society. more details
                                                                    • Hungry Hoppers - Pigging out around Japan

                                                                      ENTERTAINMENT 2010 24 mins Episode(s): 250+ english English
                                                                      This crazy and entertaining food show hosted by Yo Oizumi, a Japanese rising actor/star, follows three comedic guys known as the "Piggy Family" as they travel around Japan seeking out the local hidden delicacies that Japan's world renowned cuisine has to offer. Watch as the guys travel in their minivan, named "Onigiri Go," from town to town looking for unique, delicious foods only available in the places they travel to. While they travel to their destination in their cramped van, laughter ensues as we see the guys talking, having fun, and sometimes quarreling. Each episode features one of the Japan's local areas highlighting its unique residents, distinctive scenery, and of course the hidden local delicacies that can be found. It acts as a guidebook of the local areas of Japan. Let's pig out around Japan! *We have 41 episodes with English subtitles produced in 2010 and 2011 that are available for VOD. more details