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Coming Home

DRAMA 2004 50 mins Episode(s): 1 English English
Best Drama Award at The National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan.

Yoko escaped her small port town in Japan where she was raised by her mother, to pursue her dream of becoming an actress in Tokyo.
Finally about to make her big break, her mother’s sudden illness brings Yoko home for the first time in five years. Thoughts of her long estranged mother move Yoko to pass up her big chance and remain in her hometown for a while.


    Spellbinding Yotaka Festival- Tonami City, Toyama Prefecture
    30 mins

    Tonami City`s Yotaka Festival is said to bring good harvests. Its showstopping parade consists of 6-meter-tall red decorative paper lanterns, and its highlight is the great paper lantern fight. Fighting bravely but gracefully, it showcases the very moment in which the lanterns look the most beautiful. Nicholas, a French man...
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    A fish out of Seawater: Magic Water Changing the Future
    2013 54 mins

    Sea-dwelling fish swim in salt water, while others swim in fresh water. But there’s now an amazing ‘magic’ water that turns this idea on its head. Developed by Prof. Toshimasa Yamamoto of Okayama University of Science in 2006, it’s known as ‘the third water.’ It allows salt and fresh water...
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    Melting Switzerland ~Saving the Swiss Glaciers~
    2016 49 mins

    The program is themed on “Glaciers × Science × Adventure.” We follow the latest research on global warming, as well as technologies utilizing “light” that have the potential of opening up the future of the planet. Switzerland attracts a lot of tourists every year, with its economy largely tourism-dependent. However,...
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    Hirupeko -I am hungry-
    2018 30 mins

    This program will revolutionize your one-hour lunchtime! It will show you how to cook marvelous dishes, provide fun facts about daily ingredients, and also introduce delicious gourmet restaurants you`d long to visit! Watching it will surely help lighten up your meals, and give you the extra flavors that you didn`t...
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