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Coming Home

DRAMA 2004 50 mins Episode(s): 1 English English
Best Drama Award at The National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan.

Yoko escaped her small port town in Japan where she was raised by her mother, to pursue her dream of becoming an actress in Tokyo.
Finally about to make her big break, her mother’s sudden illness brings Yoko home for the first time in five years. Thoughts of her long estranged mother move Yoko to pass up her big chance and remain in her hometown for a while.


    Omanto Festival -Land on This Horse-
    2018 30 mins

    The Omanto Festival of Aichi Prefecture is a much-loved festival passed down since the Edo period. The highlight of this festival is held at a circular run where young men display their courage by jumping onto horses traveling at 40 km/hour. The locals of this region call this "Uma ni...
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    Marugame Fans: A Proud Tradition Faces New Challenges
    2012 30 mins

    Marugame produces 90% of Japan's total number of fans. Now plastic frames are favoured over bamboo as today's industry moves to low-cost mass-production. See how Marugame's treasured fan industry is taking on the challenge of creating modern fans that hold value as functional design and retaining traditional skills to pass...
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    Rikuzentakata City: 10 Years in the Rebuilding of a Town from Zero
    2021 49 mins

    The city of Rikuzentakata in Iwate Prefecture had a two-kilometer stretch of shoreline covered with 70,000 pine trees that was ranked among the top 100 landscapes of Japan. On March 11, 2011, the city and shoreline were obliterated by the infamous tsunami which struck that day. This documentary follows the...
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    Toyohama Sea Bream Festival -Japan's Bizarre Festival-
    2017 30 mins

    With energetic chants, a giant sea bream is towed by the excited townspeople of Toyohama, Aichi Prefecture. Originally a festival held to bless maritime safety and an abundant catch, it provides a unique spectacle for onlookers to enjoy. Five in total, the gigantic seabreams are made of bamboo, wood, and...
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