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DRAMA 2009 70 mins Episode(s): 1 english English
Kosuke (Shigeru Izumiya) struggles to carry on a family tradition of lamprey eel fishing on the Ishikari River. Discouraged by dwindling catches, his constant quarreling with his wife leads her to leave him. After their divorce, his only son Tsuyoshi (Ken Yasuda) grows to detest his father and also abandons him and their rapidly declining hometown. Ten years pass and Kosuke doesn’t hear a word from his son.

Now over 60, Kosuke contemplates getting remarried. “Tsuyoshi will probably never return home- I should renovate this house so we can start life anew when we get married…” But just then, Tsuyoshi returns. Facing hard times, Tsuyoshi has lost his bearings and can’t seem to find his way. He has hit rock bottom and has nowhere to turn but to his father and the hometown he despises.

This program weaves a detailed tapestry of emotion as a father supports his struggling son to find himself.


    Nada Fighting Festival
    2018 30 mins

    A grand scene ensues as mikoshi portable shrines batter each other in a display of strength and pride. The Nada Fighting Festival is held annually in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, and is the largest festival among numerous "fight festivals" in Japan. Every year on October 14th and 15th, the men...
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    Food of Japan Season.1
    2016 30 minutes

    Following the success of "Beauty of Japan", "Food of Japan" not only introduces the regional delicacies of Japan but also attempts to uncover the secrets of the unique food cultures from local experts. In this series, we learn everything from the secret to achieving the number one strawberry production in...
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    The Phantom Wedding
    1998 104 mins

    This drama, set in the depths of rural Japan, is a pure love story. Iwabuchi is a former mafia man now working at a car rental shop, which offers services as casket coaches for funerals. He accepts a job to carry Sawa, the dead fiancé of a man called Uchida,...
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    The Tragedy of the Mt. Ontake Eruption ~Living on an Island of Volcanoes ~
    2015 49 mins

    Midday September 27, 2014 — approximately 250 people at the summit of Mt. Ontake were caught completely off-guard by a sudden and violent eruption that sent volcanic rocks and ash raining down on them. Out of the group, 63 people died or went missing that day in what remains the greatest...
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