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DRAMA 2012 156 mins Episode(s): 1 English English
Shin-ichi operates a small noodle-making factory with his wife Hanako.
Their divorced daughter Kotoe and granddaughter Sachi have both come back to live with them.
Hanako notices something strange about Kotoe, and realizes she’s pregnant. Kotoe announces she’s getting married a second time. Shin-ichi is very angry at first, but eventually gives his blessing.

Shin-ichi, who’s been struggling to sleep, is invited to a sutra reading at a temple owned by his childhood friend-turned priest, Minoru. But that night Shin-ichi is killed in an accident, and Hanako suddenly finds herself alone.
One day Shin-ichi’s cell phone, which he left in his office, begins to ring. An unfamiliar woman’s name ‘Hitomi’ shows up on the display. Hanako is determined to discover the truth behind the call.


    Toyohama Sea Bream Festival -Japan's Bizarre Festival-
    2017 30 mins

    With energetic chants, a giant sea bream is towed by the excited townspeople of Toyohama, Aichi Prefecture. Originally a festival held to bless maritime safety and an abundant catch, it provides a unique spectacle for onlookers to enjoy. Five in total, the gigantic seabreams are made of bamboo, wood, and...
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    Ossu! Fundoshi Boys
    2013 30 mins

    At Saint Elmo’s High, there were once legendary performances given at the annual school festival, where participants danced while wearing white loincloths known as ‘fundoshi.’ But as time passes, the memory of those performances is fading. An impressionable freshman believes it’s his duty to revive the tradition, and so forms...
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    Hatsune Miku - Magical Mirai 2017
    2017 50 min

    Hatsune Miku is a world famous Japanese vocaloid character who performs in front of a live audience. In this program, we will take a look at her 2017  concert. In the first section of the program, the creators of the show will be interviewed, revealing behind-the-scenes secrets about our adorable...
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    Hatsune Miku- Magical Mirai 2018
    2018 55 mins

    This program showcases the 2018 concert of Hatsune Miku, an internationally famous vocaloid character. The first half of the program shows an interview of the creators of the concert, while the second half shows the concert itself. Get ready to dance and sing along to more of the irresistible tunes...
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