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Sushi Samplers
A freshly made program just for you!

ENTERTAINMENT 2011 5 mins Episode(s): 13 english English
TI ComNet Japan is delighted to introduce our entertainment documentary – Sushi Samplers!

With episodes that cover a variety of topics related to sushi-making, we want to dazzle viewers by portraying the true phenomenon of sushi, approaching it from a variety of angles and sprinkling episodes with rarely known sushi secrets.

We’re confident that Sushi Samplers will provide entertainment for a variety of audiences. Please sample a cut of our program!

Discover behind-the-scenes sushi secrets!
Experience the sushi phenomenon!
Watch sushi chefs up close!
See sushi with new eyes!
Join in on the tour of the world of fresh fish!


Sushi Chef A Cut Above the Rest
Sushi Tools The Sharpest Kit Around
Sushi Etiquette Tips for Fine Fish Dining
The Final Cut Preparing Fish for Sushi
Sushi Toppings 1 The Colourful Flavours of Sushi
Sushi Toppings 2 So Many Fish, So Little Time
Fishy Fonts Tips for Reading Sushi Menus
The Variety of Sushi Sushi Plus More
The Fish Market From the Ocean to Your Plate
Amazing Sushi Skills A Well-Deserved Hand for Sushi Chefs
Conveyer Belt Restaurants A Revolution in Sushi
Sushi Jargon Breaking the Code
Sushi Samplers The Final Roll


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