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The Phantom Wedding

DRAMA 1998 104 mins Episode(s): 1 English English
This drama, set in the depths of rural Japan, is a pure love story. Iwabuchi is a former mafia man now working at a car rental shop, which offers services as casket coaches for funerals.

He accepts a job to carry Sawa, the dead fiancé of a man called Uchida, to a very country area in Shikoku. But on the way, Uchida disappears and Iwabuchi has to carry Sawa's dead body all alone. As soon as Iwabuchi arrives at the destination, he is asked to marry Sawa in a ‘ghost wedding’, as a custom for a dead person who was to marry before his or her death.
Although Iwabuchi is extremely hesitant, actual love blossoms between Iwabuchi and Sawa after the wedding ceremony.


    Violated Sanctuary
    2004 46 mins

    Global Environment Film Festival Award. Listed in the World Conservation Union’s International Red Data Book, Steller’s Sea Eagles are protected by the Japan-Russia Migratory Bird Act. Although Steller’s Sea Eagles are also designated as a special natural treasure of Japan, they are now on the brink of extinction. The eagles’...
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    Festivals of Japan Series- Season 1
    2017 30 mins

    This is the first season of the Festivals of Japan Series, which introduces various festivals around Japan. In this 12 episode season, we will explore the festivals themselves, their histories, and the people responsible for preserving, cherishing, and passing on their traditions. From giant sea bream floats, children`s kabuki, portable...
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    Six Single Sisters and Their Father (Seasons 1&2)
    2006 24 mins

    A situation comedy about a stubborn father, who owns a Japanese sweets store, and is forced to bring up his six daughters alone after his wife dies. They are all unmarried, and each day he prays they’ll find an ideal man for a husband. However, his eldest daughter is 39...
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    Laugh It Away and Say Goodbye

    Winner of Best News Documentary at Monte-Carlo TV Festival 2011 Grand Prize at The Age of Regionalism Video Festival 2011 Grand Prize at “Era of Local” TV Festival 2010 Small and medium-sized businesses are the back bones of Japan that support the economy from the bottom-up. However, as work decreased...
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