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DRAMA 2013 54 mins Episode(s): 1 English English
Mami, a student at Kasumi Gakuen, a famous all-girls’ private school, fails to pass her physics test, and is then asked to be a cheerleader for the school’s tug-of-war team in exchange for her fail.
Mami’s classmate Nozomi, who likewise fails the test, was also an impromptu cheerleader with Mami, but because her moves draw derisive laughter from teammates, she’s asked not to cheer for the team.
Members of the popular Japanese music group HKT48 star in this school drama set in the sometimes harsh environment of an all-girls’ school.


    Shiretoko’s Ice Floes
    30 min

    Perhaps it is the ice floes that have protected the natural environment of Shiretoko, Japan’s last frontier. This program features drift ice, mid-winter’s white wanderer that brings bounties to Hokkaido’s seas. Exploring beneath the ice, the mysterious lives of winter’s rare sea creatures have been captured here.  
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    Fill Me In!
    2023 30 min

    Actor Sousuke Ikematsu is 33 and single. Having grown up as one of four siblings and the son of the owners of a preschool, he has some experience with entertaining children. “I want to become an adult that children feel comfortable with,” he says. So, what happens when he’s suddenly...
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    Spirits of Spirit
    2016 27 minutes

    Do you like traveling around the world, seeking interesting drinks? Our documentary ‘Spirits of Spirit’ introduces the opening of a brand-new whisky distillery in Japan, owned by Hombo Shuzo. Their new whisky distillery stands alongside their old shochu distillery in Tsunuki.
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    Dreams in the North: Ban'ei Horse Racing
    2012 30 mins

    Ban'ei is a one-of-a-kind horse race run in Obihiro, Hokkaido. Powerful horses pull sleds made of iron over sand embankments as they race to the finish line. The equine culture of Hokkaido tells the history of its pioneering era, and Ban'ei carries that proud tradition onwards today in the hearts...
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