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Hot Spring Wars

DRAMA 2005 24 mins Episode(s): 40 English English
Junpei, Fujiko and their daughter Yuri are a family struggling with rising debts.They lend money to a friend who then disappears, lose their camera business, and still have 500 thousand yen in outstanding loans to pay off.
They turn to a friend in an attempt to get out of financial trouble, but end up losing all their household goods and furniture to him.
Fujiko, who is desperate, comes across a job at a Japanese inn which also offers accommodation to employees. But her job entails more than she expected, and there’s a fall-out between her family and the managers of the inn which may put their future in jeopardy.


    Barazushi Okayam city, Okayama Pref.
    2015 30 minutes

    Barazushi is a type of sushi with vegetables and fish beautifully scatted over the sushi rice. Bara means 'scattered'. Okayama Barazushi is a colorful local dish famous for its variety of local products from the sea (Setonaikai) and from the mountain. This documentary describes Okayama's climate and historical background along...
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    Okada village's proud pure CottonChita city, Aichi Pref.
    2014 30mins

    Sarashi (untreated) cotton fabric can be used in many ways. Since the early time of the Edo period, Chita Sarahi, produced in Okada village, in Chita city, has been sold in Edo, and it resulted to become the biggest cotton-weaving city. The manufacturers have now been declined, however the local...
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    A fish out of Seawater: Magic Water Changing the Future
    2013 54 mins

    Sea-dwelling fish swim in salt water, while others swim in fresh water. But there’s now an amazing ‘magic’ water that turns this idea on its head. Developed by Prof. Toshimasa Yamamoto of Okayama University of Science in 2006, it’s known as ‘the third water.’ It allows salt and fresh water...
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    Tasha Tudor
    2017 105 minutes

    Tasha Tudor is one of America’s best author-illustrators (of children’s literature). This documentary film hands down a humorous lifestyle, which is full with flowers and animals and heart-warming words to the future. ‘A mother of sow living provides you a key to fully enjoy your life.
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