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At Home with Venetia in Kyoto

ENTERTAINMENT 2009 30 mins Episode(s): 115 ~ English English
Venetia Stanley-Smith has lived in the Kyoto district of Ohara for almost 20 years.
She is a firm believer of living in accordance with nature, and utilizes its gifts in all aspects of daily living. Venetia’s garden is filled with over 100 varieties of seasonal herbs. She uses them in recipes for cooking, cleaning and beauty in her own unique style.
Discover her original recipes, watch her journeys across Japan, and experience Venetia’s unhurried lifestyle and truly eco-friendly way of living.


    Exploring Good Sake
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    “There is good sake in Miyagi.” In this program, we journey to different wineries and breweries to introduce everything about the sake made in Miyagi. The program covers the popular brands, seasonal tastes, as well as how best to drink sake. Additionally, we introduce the best appetizers recommended by the...
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    Blowin’ in the Wind
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    A TV camera has been brought into a deep-sea tuna fishing boat for the first time in 30 years to film its 150-day activities. This program focuses on a young man who became a fisherman after being laid off by a leading automaker. Against a backdrop of economic depression and...
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    Yokohama Scarves- Harmony of Beauty and Skill-
    2015 30 mins

    Since the opening of it`s port, the silk industry has developed drastically within Yokohama City. Silk is a soft and delicate fabric, which requires special techniques for dyeing and drawing motifs. This documentary will focus on the traditional "Yokohama scarfs", which have a history of over 100 years.  It will...
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    Festivals of Japan Series- Season 1
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    This is the first season of the Festivals of Japan Series, which introduces various festivals around Japan. In this 12 episode season, we will explore the festivals themselves, their histories, and the people responsible for preserving, cherishing, and passing on their traditions. From giant sea bream floats, children`s kabuki, portable...
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