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Unmentionable Heroes
-40 Years After the Vietnam War, the Truth is Revealed-

DOCUMENTARY 2015 47 mins Episode(s): 1 english English
It’s been 40 years since the end of the Vietnam War, which was said to be the worse case of the quagmire of a war in the 20th century. Now, surprising facts are revealed.

The footage of a tank crashing into the office of South Vietnam President was delivered all over the world to symbolize the end of the war in 1975. However, it turned out that the footage was actually a re-enactment.
Moreover, an espionage sent by the North Vietnam was working behind the scene when the world’s most powerful country, America, was forced to withdraw.
Persons who were involved speak out for the first time.

This program tells the reality caused by the war and the truth of the propaganda war.


    The History of ARITA Ware
    15 minutes

    The first porcelain in Japan was made in Arita-cho 400 years ago. The porcelain was named "Aritayaki". In the late 17th century Arita ware was exported to Europe, and its technicality and beauty were appreciated. The process goes through different phases such as molding the clay and coloring it. the...
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    Golden Field in China

    Sichuan TV Festival Golden Panda Award. China has achieved remarkable development. One driving force behind its growing prosperity is a Japanese man who devoted his life to passing on his rice farming expertise bringing about an agricultural revolution in China. That man is Shoichi Hara, an agricultural engineer from Hokkaido....
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    Aigi Tunnels: The restoration of an industrial treasure Kasugai city, Aichi Pref.
    2014 30mins

    The Aigi Tunnels were constructed for the national railway between Aichi prefecture and Gifu prefecture back in the Meiji period (early 19th Century) and had been abandoned for many years. Those forgotten tunnels have been beautifully restored by supporters and are now designated as part of Japan's Heritage of Industrial...
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    Jizo-bon Festival -Choraku Temple of the Valley-
    2018 30 mins

    Jizo-bon is a festival that celebrates the Jizo Bosatsu, or "Kshitigarbha", and occurs in the Kinki Region of Japan. The Jizo-bon culture of Choraku Temple in Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture, has been passed down from the Edo Period. In the evening, men carrying large drums and children carrying lanterns walk...
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