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MOVIE 2017 70 mins Episode(s): 1 none: None English
Best Local Production at the 2015 Tokyo Drama Awards.

The "yutori" generation of Japan is accused of being one of the laziest in society. Being raised in a pressure-free education system, the "yutori" are often criticized for poor results and lack of drive in the workplace. Touma (Kensuke Owada), at age 27, struggles to keep a job, sleeps at an internet cafe, and complains about his every day with online friends. They blame society, and Touma, full of pride yet lost without a purpose, is about to drop out of it.

Frustrated with the elder generations telling him what to do, he wishes all old people were sent away, like the folklore "UBASUTE" where they are abandoned on a mountain. He finds an intriguing blog on the topic, and messages the blogger, a positive woman claiming to be his age. Little does he know, his new friend is actually a 72 year-old woman. Touma slowly learns how to face himself and improve his lifestyle thanks to their online conversations, and they finally get a chance to meet...

This film faces many issues of modern society around the world today, such as unemployment, an aging population, and changes in people's relationships due to the expansion of social media.


    Himeji Castle: The Secret history Himeji city, Hyogo Pref.
    2014 30mins

    The Himeji Castle is regarded as one of the finest castles in Japan thanks to its preserved monumental white tower. Since the ancient times, many mysteries have been secretly passed on over generations. Why has it never been burned down? Why was it never used in a war? What are...
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    A young girl Wisteria dance- Arakawa ward, Tokyo
    30 mins

    "Wisteria Maiden" is one of the most popular dance pieces in traditional Japanese dance (nihon buyo). Performing on the stage is 8 year-old Nona, who has a French father and a Japanese mother. She takes lessons at the Fujikawa style dance school headquarters in Minami Senju, Arakawa ward in Tokyo....
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    2015 30 min

    As usual she drinks alone in a bar tonight! Murasaki Wakako is 26 year-old office worker. She has a boyfriend, Hiroki, but she likes to drink alone. Because she is a real drinker, she wanders around looking for delicious foods and drinks... Whenever such foods integrate well into such drinks,...
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    Nebuta Festival -Nebuta Master Creator`s 365 days-
    2018 30 mins

    Every year between August 2nd and 7th, the dynamic Nebuta floats of Aomori Prefecture are paraded around the city at night, providing a colorful and exciting summer spectacle for all to enjoy. The pride of the city, the Aomori Nebuta Festival was recognized as an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property...
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