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MOVIE 2014 70 mins Episode(s): 1 none: None English
Best Local Production at the 2015 Tokyo Drama Awards.
The "yutori" generation of Japan is said to be one of the laziest in society. Being raised in a pressure-free education system, they are often criticized for poor results and lack of drive in the workplace. Touma (Kensuke Owada), at age 27, struggles to keep a job, sleeps at an internet cafe, and complains about his everyday life with online friends. They blame society for his troubles, and Touma, full of pride yet lost without a purpose, has had enough. Frustrated with the elder generations telling him what to do, he wishes all old people were sent away, like in the folklore tale "UBASUTE" where the elderly are abandoned on a mountain. He finds an intriguing blog on the topic and messages the blogger, a positive woman claiming to be his age. Little does he know, his new friend is actually a 72-year-old woman. Touma slowly learns how to face himself and improve his lifestyle thanks to their online conversations. Then one day they finally get a chance to meet... This film brings up many social issues in today's world, such as unemployment, an aging population, and changes in people's relationships due to the expansion of social media.