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Handa Floats Festival -The Pride of the People-

TRAVEL 2017 30 mins Episode(s): 1 english Japanese
In the spring festival of Handa City,  Aichi Prefecture, a total of 31 floats are pulled through 10 districts. Once every five years, the Handa Floats Festival sees the gathering of all 31 floats in one place, vastly entertaining its large crowd of onlookers. Following the people preparing for the 2017 fall festival,  take a look at the float culture passed down through generations, and the people who devote their time and effort to preserving this tradition.

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Part of "Festivals of Japan - Season 1".


    The Castle town where Kingyo Goldfish swim Yamato koriyama city, Nara Pref.
    2014 30mins

    Kingyosukui, “goldfish scooping”, is one of the typical games often seen in summer festivals across Japan. The history of goldfish production in Yamato Koriyama city dates back to the mid-Edo period when the Yamato koriyama clansmen resided in their castle town. It is one of the three largest productions in...
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    2019 30 mins

    Watch as popular Taiwanese actor Figaro visits Aomori Prefecture and encounters the many delicious food products the prefecture has to offer. Along the way, he will draw inspiration from the local cuisine he tastes to create original recipes of his own. Throughout his trip, Figaro is touched by the heartfelt...
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    Shikekinu -Silk weaving from two types of silkworms-

    In the city of Nanto, Toyama Prefecture,  textile production has been an essential part of its history since the Sengoku Period, around the 16th century. Within this city, there is a factory called Matsui Weaving Industry, which specializes in the production of Shikekinu Silk. Shikekinu Silk is a textile that...
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    The World Heritage Shirakawago
    2003 55 mins

    Tourists from all over the world visit Shirakawago, which was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. The ancient dwelling places remain in Shirakawago despite the heavy snowfall, and people still live in the houses today. The program focuses on the beautiful four seasons of Shirakawago and the...
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