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Beauty of Japan Series- Season 2

TRAVEL 2018 30 mins Episode(s): 12 none: None Japanese
There are 2.5 million people from all over the world currently living in Japan. How did they end up there? What drew them to come to Japan in the first place? Or more importantly, what made them want to stay? In this series, we take a look at various non-Japanese residents living in different prefectures all around Japan. We present what each individual considers to be the true "Beauty of Japan", and how such aspects of beauty have convinced them to choose Japan as their second home. With detailed and vivid images filmed in 4K, this program depicts the importance of communal bonds that transcend time and even national borders.

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Episode List Part 1 (2018): 


    Honko sama - Appreciation of Harvest Nanto city, Toyama Pref.
    2016 25 minutes

    Honko is one of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism events which commemorate the virtue of its founder, the Monk Shinran. The event is called differently depending on the region: in Toyama it's called 'Honko sama'. It's a special event for household devotion. After the ceremony given by a local monk, special dishes...
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    Idle Sky Journeys
    2018 3 minutes 30 seconds

    This short series features drone footage of castles and natural landscapes in Miyagi, while also providing local stories and facts about the scenery. We cover everything from footage of oceans, mountains, and man-made architectural masterpieces, in the attempt to introduce all of Miyagi’s charms!
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    Happiest Meal on the Mountains
    2016 30 mins

    This program takes a look at the famous anti-aging village in Nagano Prefecture, called Takayama. With its rich scenery and the villagers' methods of coexisting with nature, it has been recognized as one of the Biosphere Reserves (Eco Park) by UNESCO. This documentary follows the ordinary lives of its residents,...
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    Okada village's proud pure CottonChita city, Aichi Pref.
    2014 30mins

    Sarashi (untreated) cotton fabric can be used in many ways. Since the early time of the Edo period, Chita Sarahi, produced in Okada village, in Chita city, has been sold in Edo, and it resulted to become the biggest cotton-weaving city. The manufacturers have now declined, however, the local residents...
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