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A Glimmer of Hope

DRAMA 2005 50 mins Episode(s): 1 English English
Award of Excellence at the Media Arts Festival.

With the traditional family challenged by growing society pressures in modern Japan, this drama depicts the conflict between a father and his children as each struggle to find their own way in life.
The characters in the story come to discover the forgiving and supportive nature of family, despite their differences.

Following the accidental death of his elder brother at sea, Koji, the main character, leaves his job as a cram school instructor and returns to his hometown to aid his father in the family kelp harvesting business. Unable to please his demanding old-fashioned father, Koji faces a crisis of confidence and wavers about his future.
Meanwhile, his elder sister, pregnant as a result of an illicit love affair, returns home as well.
Under trying circumstances, tensions between them grow.

Through their emotional showdown, they each find a way to communicate their suppressed feelings and finally, after a long separation, the family is reunited.