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Light of My Life

DRAMA 2000 50 mins Episode(s): 1 English English
Nominated as one of the Best 8 Dramas in Asia at the International Emmy Awards.

Yuko, indecisive about her future, submits a blank report about her college plans.
As punishment, she spends summer vacation helping her mother deliver meals to the elderly.
She meets Gansan, a stubborn old man whom she dislikes at first, but eventually comes to love. Realizing Gansan paints to relieve loneliness, Yuko arranges for him to meet his estranged son.

This program captures the beautiful evolution of Yuko’s relationship with Gansan and how they ultimatley light up each other’s lives.


    Marugame Fans: A Proud Tradition Faces New Challenges
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    Dad's War
    2016 47min

    “Warship-Musashi” is a nonfiction novel that was written based on many testimonies from those involved in the construction as well as those who survived the sinking of Musashi. One of the witnesses is Haruo Nomura. He is my dad. We knew very little about him. Born in 1921, he graduated...
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    Barazushi Okayama city, Okayama Pref.
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    Omanto Festival -Land on This Horse-
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