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'Beauty of Japan' series

TRAVEL 2014 30 mins Episode(s): 12 english Japanese
List of programs in the 'Beauty of Japan' series:
  1. The Castle town where Kingyo Goldfish swim (Yamatokoriyama city, Nara Pref.)
  2. Art and excellence of Craftsmanships (Katsushika, Tokyo)
  3. Okada village's proud pure Cotton (Chita city, Aichi Pref.)
  4. The Secrets of the Village with Japan's longest living population (Takayama city, Nagano Pref.)
  5. Traditional home dishes from the Gastronomic city (Hakata city, Fukuoka Pref.)
  6. Yūki Tsumugi: The worldly recognised silk textile (Yūki city, Ibaraki Pref.)
  7. Aigi Tunnels: The restoration of an industrial treasure (Kasugai city, Aichi Pref.)
  8. Himeji Castle: The Secret history (Himeji city, Hyogo Pref.)
  9. Prayer of the Tenshudo (Nagasaki city, Nagasaki Pref.)
  10. Kirikane Buddhist paintings (Miura city, Kanagawa Pref.)
  11. NEXT5: the future of Sake makers (Akita city, Akita Pref.)
  12. Living together with the God of Wetland: the Red-crowned Crane (Kushiro city, Hokkaido Pref.)


    Spirits of Spirit
    2016 27 minutes

    Do you like traveling around the world, seeking interesting drinks? Our documentary ‘Spirits of Spirit’ introduces the opening of a brand-new whisky distillery in Japan, owned by Hombo Shuzo. Their new whisky distillery stands alongside their old shochu distillery in Tsunuki.
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    Unmentionable Heroes -40 Years After the Vietnam War, the Truth is Revealed-
    2015 47 mins

    It’s been 40 years since the end of the Vietnam War, which was said to be the worse case of the quagmire of a war in the 20th century. Now, surprising facts are revealed. The footage of a tank crashing into the office of South Vietnam President was delivered all...
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    Kinmedai Fish Inatori city, Shizuoka Pref.
    2015 30 minutes

    Kinmedai fish (Splendid Alfonsino) from Inatori city, in Shizuoka is a very popular fish sold at the world famous Tokyo's Tsukiji Fish Market under its own bran: 'Inatori Kinmedai fish'. The nutrition rich Inatori coastal sea allows Kinmedai fish to have fatty tasty meat. The fish is delivered to major...
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    Secrets of Kyoto Unveiled
    2012 25 mins

    Kyoto was the capital of Japan for 1100 years. Because of this, it is said to be the birthplace of Japanese tradition and culture. For both Japanese and foreign visitors, Kyoto holds a special allure. Although there are already dozens of magazines and TV programs introducing this ancient city, "Secrets...
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