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'Beauty of Japan' series

TRAVEL 2014 30 mins Episode(s): 12 english Japanese
List of programs in the 'Beauty of Japan' series:
  1. The Castle town where Kingyo Goldfish swim (Yamatokoriyama city, Nara Pref.)
  2. Art and excellence of Craftsmanships (Katsushika, Tokyo)
  3. Okada village's proud pure Cotton (Chita city, Aichi Pref.)
  4. The Secrets of the Village with Japan's longest living population (Takayama city, Nagano Pref.)
  5. Traditional home dishes from the Gastronomic city (Hakata city, Fukuoka Pref.)
  6. Yūki Tsumugi: The worldly recognised silk textile (Yūki city, Ibaraki Pref.)
  7. Aigi Tunnels: The restoration of an industrial treasure (Kasugai city, Aichi Pref.)
  8. Himeji Castle: The Secret history (Himeji city, Hyogo Pref.)
  9. Prayer of the Tenshudo (Nagasaki city, Nagasaki Pref.)
  10. Kirikane Buddhist paintings (Miura city, Kanagawa Pref.)
  11. NEXT5: the future of Sake makers (Akita city, Akita Pref.)
  12. Living together with the God of Wetland: the Red-crowned Crane (Kushiro city, Hokkaido Pref.)


    Prayer of the Tenshudo Nagasaki city, Nagasaki Pref.
    2014 30mins

    Tenshudo (House of the Lord) is the oldest Roman Catholic church in Japan. Its picturesque location surrounded by beautiful nature is known as a tourist spot in Nagasaki city. The church has been a witness of cultural exchanges with western countries and religious history for more than 450 years. This...
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    Japan Heritage
    2010 60 mins

    Japan is full of beautiful landscapes and scenery spread across many geographical areas. These places are considered the nation’s inherited fortunes, and the Japanese people have strong desires to preserve them for the children of future generations. In these programs, you will visit many of these beautiful areas of Japan...
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    2009 70 mins

    Kosuke (Shigeru Izumiya) struggles to carry on a family tradition of lamprey eel fishing on the Ishikari River. Discouraged by dwindling catches, his constant quarrelling with his wife leads her to leave him. After their divorce, his only son Tsuyoshi (Ken Yasuda) grows to detest his father and also abandons...
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    2018 28 mins

    This program explores the different jobs in Japan through the eyes of a young woman from Hong Kong. Every episode displays her encountering a new job, and learning its ins and outs through experiencing it with a different member of a Japanese boy idol group called "Boys and Men". Despite being the hosts...
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