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Ossu! Fundoshi Boys

DRAMA 2013 30 mins Episode(s): 13 English English
At Saint Elmo’s High, there were once legendary performances given at the annual school festival, where participants danced while wearing white loincloths known as ‘fundoshi.’
But as time passes, the memory of those performances is fading.

An impressionable freshman believes it’s his duty to revive the tradition, and so forms a new fundoshi troupe with four other handsome students. But a number of detractors stand in their way to bringing the fundoshi dance back to life.
Will they be able to proudly stand on stage and revive the tradition?


    2015 30 min

    As usual she drinks alone in a bar tonight! Murasaki Wakako is 26-year-old office worker. She has a boyfriend, Hiroki, but she likes to drink alone. Because she is a real drinker, she wanders around looking for delicious foods and drinks... Whenever such foods integrate well into such drinks, she...
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    Oni-kenbai: Prayer in Motion
    2012 30 mins

    The Oni-kenbai demon sword dance has been passed down from fathers to sons to grandchildren, with no additions or amendments for generations. Not simply a dance to pray for happiness, it's to ensure the spirits of ancestors of both dancers and viewers are kept alive, while driving away evil. This...
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    The life in Kita-Shinano, Nagano Prefecture
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    Under 100
    2011 5 mins

    A brand new golf instructional program has arrived! You too can learn to shoot for under 100! The stage is set in a harsh futuristic world where Japanese citizens become utter failures in society if they don't perform well in golf. Hyakuta Takeo, the loser protagonist who isn't good enough...
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