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Pyrotechnicians: Laying All on the Line for a Flash of Light

DOCUMENTARY 2012 30 mins Episode(s): 1 English English
Yamazaki is a pyrotechnician who has won numerous accolades for his fireworks skills.

All his time and effort goes into creating a flash in the sky that lasts just an instant.

We introduce his intricate designs at the Tsuchiura All-Japan Fireworks Competition, one of the three biggest in Japan.


    The Detective's Bento
    2022 12 mins

    Gendoji Daigo is a private detective who loves mysteries and food. The police request his services whenever a case involving food arises, and his hobby is cooking dishes inspired by mystery novels and famous detectives. For some deep-rooted reason, he cannot eat food that is prepared by someone else, so...
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    Century-Old Historic Houses
    2011 60 mins

    In this show, famous Japanese actors Norito Yashima and Riho Makise visit old historic houses. The houses range from celebrity houses to time-honored restaurants, and VIP guest houses. Watch as they marvel at the different architectural wonders they encounter in each episode, and explore the varying histories behind each pillar,...
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    Our Lives as Immigrants- Iiyama, Nagano Prefecture
    2019 30 mins

    An American and English couple have lived in Iiyama City for 3 years. They earn their living through teaching English at schools within the vicinity, but wish to become farmers instead. Their excitement expands as they map out their future lives growing safe and healthy vegetables and having a goat...
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    A young girl Wisteria dance- Arakawa ward, Tokyo
    2018 30 mins

    "Wisteria Maiden" is one of the most popular dance pieces in traditional Japanese dance (nihon buyo). Performing on the stage is 8 year-old Nona, who has a French father and a Japanese mother. She takes lessons at the Fujikawa style dance school headquarters in Minami Senju, Arakawa ward in Tokyo....
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