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TRAVEL 2019 30 mins Episode(s): 3 japanese Chinese
Figaro, a popular Taiwanese actor, visits Aomori Prefecture and encounters the many delicious food products the Prefecture has to offer. On the way, he will draw inspiration from the local cuisine he tastes to create an original recipe of his own. Throughout his trip, Figaro additionally finds himself continually touched by the heartfelt diligence of the local farmers and food producers who wish for many people to enjoy eating their "safe and delicious food products".

With his knowledge of Chinese food and his new-found love and respect for the products of Aomori, what kind of exciting cross-cultural dish will he be able to make?

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    Hatsune Miku - Magical Mirai 2017
    2017 50 min

    Hatsune Miku is a world famous Japanese vocaloid character who performs in front of a live audience. In this program, we will take a look at her 2017  concert. In the first section of the program, the creators of the show will be interviewed, revealing behind-the-scenes secrets about our adorable...
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    'Oyaki', Long-life Village's Savory Cake Suzaka city, Nagano Pref.
    2016 25 minutes

    Oyaki is a steamed or grilled savory cake made of cooked vegetable stuffed in a flour dough. It can also be made with An (sweet bean curd) wrapped in a flour dough. This is a traditional home cuisine in Nagano prefecture. There are many Oyaki manufacturers in the region. Among...
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    2015 30 min

    As usual she drinks alone in a bar tonight! Murasaki Wakako is 26-year-old office worker. She has a boyfriend, Hiroki, but she likes to drink alone. Because she is a real drinker, she wanders around looking for delicious foods and drinks... Whenever such foods integrate well into such drinks, she...
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    The Secrets of the Village with Japan's longest living population Takayama city, Nagano Pref.
    2014 30mins

    Nagano prefecture has the longest living population in Japan. Particularly this little village of Takayama is known as “the anti-aging village”. The village, with merely 8000 residents, is blessed with beautiful nature and climate. Preserving the healthy life and culture, it has been recognised as one of the Biosphere Reserves...
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