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The Iki Sea that Enchanted a Hawaiian Man- Iki, Nagasaki Prefecture

TRAVEL 2018 30 mins Japanese
There are more than 30 beaches on the Iki Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture. Matthew, who was born in the United States, claims that its beaches are just as beautiful as those in Hawaii. His job is to assist foreign artists and visitors on the island, and he promotes the various wonders Iki has to offer.

We follow the story of a man who hopes to connect Iki to rest of the world.

Part of "Beauty of Japan-Season 2"!


    Zuigan-ji (2016)
    2016 48 minutes

    Majestic Zuigan-ji Temple in northeast Japan is a national cultural treasure. Completed 400 years ago by the feudal lord of the region, Date Masamune, it’s famous as a lavish and glorious example of the culture of the Azuchi-Momoyama period (mid-1500s to 1600). The main hall is decorated with beautiful period-style...
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    Zuiganji Temple, a National Treasure
    2011 47 mins

    Zuiganji Temple, a national treasure established by local lord Masamune Date, marked its 400th anniversary in 2009. Masamune was 37 when he began its construction. Masamune was so passionate about erecting the temple that he staked out the building site himself, and specially ordered lumber from the Kishu district. As...
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    Chimugurisa ~Nanohana's Okinawa Diary ~

    Grand Prize at The Age of Regionalism Video Festival 2018 News program award winner at The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association 2018 Nanohana Sakamoto, a 15-year-old girl born and raised in northern Japan, came to the island of Okinawa to attend a free school, Sangosya Score. Through her interactions with elderly...
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    Shiretoko Peninsula’s Kingdom of Brown Bears

    “Era of Local” TV Festival 2010 Grand Prize. Shiretoko Peninsula, Japan’s final frontier, is the last kingdom of brown bears where their life in the wild can be observed. Surrounded by the ocean, the Shiretoko Peninsula is densely inhabited by brown bears, which is proof that Shiretoko is blessed with...
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