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New Kids War (Seasons 1&2)

DRAMA 2005 24 mins Episode(s): 90 English English
Kaori Otsuki is a well-liked elementary school teacher with a big-sisterly disposition.

She moves to a new school to replace a teacher who has been hospitalized with stress.
On her first day teaching the 3rd form 5th grade class, she’s pelted with balls and called names by the students, but faces the abuse calmly. She finds out that Hana, a particularly violent female student, is being bullied by three male classmates.

But when Kaori moves to confront them, she faces resistance from the school principal and counselor, who refuse to acknowledge any bullying.


    Katayaki - Ninja Snack for the World Iga city, Mie Pref.
    2016 25 minutes

    Iga City,  Mie prefecture is traditionally known for Iga Ninja. What kind of food did ninjas eat? Katayaki is a regional snack that is said to come from the food that ninjas used to eat as easy-to-carry snacks. This unique snack was exhibited at the World Expo in Milan, Italy...
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    Kintaikyo Bridge Festival -A Step Back in Time-
    2018 30 mins

    Kintaikyo is one of the three most famous bridges in Japan. Located in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, the bridge provides the stage for the annual Kintaikyo Bridge Festival in spring. Welcoming its 40th time, the festival showcases a colorful reenactment of feudal lords returning from the Edo capital with their...
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    Rogue Lawyer Shiro Tatsumi
    1996 111 mins

    Tatsumi is a retired public prosecutor in Tokyo, now working as a lawyer. After switching careers, he starts up ‘Tatsumi Legal Advice Office’. But the actual reason he quit his career as a prosecutor was due to an incident where he let his emotions get the better of him during...
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    Charmed by the Kindness of the Community - Izumo, Shimane Prefecture
    2019 30 mins

    Michelle married a Japanese man and moved to a beautiful nature-filled mountain village in Izumo, Shimane Prefecture. She believes that the true “beauty of Japan” lies in the kindness displayed by the people of her local community. We follow Michelle’s life within the village as she teaches children how to...
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