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Rogue Lawyer Shiro Tatsumi

DRAMA 1996 111 mins Episode(s): 12 ~ English English
Tatsumi is a retired public prosecutor in Tokyo, now working as a lawyer.

After switching careers, he starts up ‘Tatsumi Legal Advice Office’. But the actual reason he quit his career as a prosecutor was due to an incident where he let his emotions get the better of him during a case, and he punched a suspect.
His office is in financial strife, with no room to pay employees or rent, and he’s once divorced. He loves horse racing, but not sweets. He also likes brandy in his coffee.

Each 2 hour episode sees Tatsumi involved in a new and dramatic case. See if you can solve each thrilling mystery!


    Daidai Kagura -The Ritual Dance of Iki, the Island of the Gods-
    2017 30 mins

    Iki Island, in Nagasaki Prefecture, has about 1,000 shrines. The Iki Kagura is an ancient and sacred dance practiced only by Shinto priests and is an Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Japan. The sacred ceremony is carried out with the playing of flute and drum accompanied by dance. Every year...
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    Our Lives as Immigrants- Iiyama, Nagano Prefecture
    2019 30 mins

    An American and English couple have lived in Iiyama City for 3 years. They earn their living through teaching English at schools within the vicinity, but wish to become farmers instead. Their excitement expands as they map out their future lives growing safe and healthy vegetables and having a goat...
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    Spin to Win: World Tournament
    2015 30mins

    This is the sequel to "Spin to Win: Japanese manufacturers spinning their way to the top". The national "Koma Taisen – Japanese spintop tournament”, which was begun by workers at small manufacturing factories, had gained popularity. In its 3rd year in February 2015, a worldwide “Koma Taisen spintop tournament” was...
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    Daring Attempt of Oystermen to Overcome Earthquake Adversity
    2014 24mins

    The oystermen on the Sanriku Coast of Japan suffered great losses in the tsunami caused by the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake. A good 90% of the oyster cultivation facilities in Miyagi Prefecture, nearly 12,000 of them, were lost. This program tells of men who are attempting to bounce back from this adversity...
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