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Six Single Sisters and Their Father (Seasons 1&2)

DRAMA 2006 24 mins Episode(s): 85 None Japanese
A situation comedy about a stubborn father, who owns a Japanese sweets store, and is forced to bring up his six daughters alone after his wife dies.

They are all unmarried, and each day he prays they’ll find an ideal man for a husband.
However, his eldest daughter is 39 and shows no sign she’s interested in marriage.

The sisters’ sometimes selfish actions cause problems among the family, and draws focus on the tragicomedy elements of this heart-warming family drama.


    The World of Automata -Laughter x Automata x Challenge-
    2015 30 mins

    Automata are Western mechanical dolls. Kazuaki Harada is one of the very few automata artisans living in Japan. However, he has been gathering steady attention and fame worldwide with his unique creations. Harada's automata are very comical and alluring and manage to make people laugh and smile. In this episode,...
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    Daidai Kagura -The Ritual Dance of Iki, the Island of the Gods-
    2017 30 mins

    Iki Island, in Nagasaki Prefecture, has about 1,000 shrines. The Iki Kagura is an ancient and sacred dance practiced only by Shinto priests and is an Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Japan. The sacred ceremony is carried out with the playing of flute and drum accompanied by dance. Every year...
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    Pyrotechnicians: Laying All on the Line for a Flash of Light
    2012 30 mins

    Yamazaki is a pyrotechnician who has won numerous accolades for his fireworks skills. All his time and effort goes into creating a flash in the sky that lasts just an instant. We introduce his intricate designs at the Tsuchiura All-Japan Fireworks Competition, one of the three biggest in Japan.
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    Traditional Festivals of Japan
    2009 55 mins

    Shrines and temples like Ise Jingu Shrine with a history of 2000 years are carefully preserved all over Japan. Traditional cultural festivals are held all over the country that take place in these very special shrines and temples. Five of these famous festivals have been captured on camera and each...
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