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Six Single Sisters and Their Father (Seasons 1&2)

DRAMA 2006 24 mins Episode(s): 85 None Japanese
A situation comedy about a stubborn father, who owns a Japanese sweets store, and is forced to bring up his six daughters alone after his wife dies.

They are all unmarried, and each day he prays they’ll find an ideal man for a husband.
However, his eldest daughter is 39 and shows no sign she’s interested in marriage.

The sisters’ sometimes selfish actions cause problems among the family, and draws focus on the tragicomedy elements of this heart-warming family drama.


    Dreams in the North: Ban'ei Horse Racing
    2012 30 mins

    Ban'ei is a one-of-a-kind horse race run in Obihiro, Hokkaido. Powerful horses pull sleds made of iron over sand embankments as they race to the finish line. The equine culture of Hokkaido tells the history of its pioneering era, and Ban'ei carries that proud tradition onwards today in the hearts...
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    Spirits of Spirit
    2016 27 minutes

    Do you like traveling around the world, seeking interesting drinks? Our documentary ‘Spirits of Spirit’ introduces the opening of a brand-new whisky distillery in Japan, owned by Hombo Shuzo. Their new whisky distillery stands alongside their old shochu distillery in Tsunuki.
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    Hometown`s Original Scenery -World of Doll Art-
    2015 30 mins

    Mayumi Takahashi  is a doll artist who started making dolls over 30 years ago. Her workshop is located in Iiyama City, Nagano Prefecture, which is known for its  charming Japanese countryside. Inspired by the rural and rustic scenery around her,  Takahashi`s creations often allow her spectators to feel a strong...
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    The Message of the Ice Island: From the Frontlines of Global Warming, Greenland
    2013 47 mins

    In recent years, the thick ice on the world‘s largest island, Greenland, has been decreasing at tremendous speed and scale. The impact of global warming is suspected to be the cause. The Arctic is a region where the effects of climate change is most noticeable on the planet. The crew...
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